Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking , Grilling & Serving Blocks


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Saltean Himalayan Rock Salt cooking blocks are a perfect blend of nature with art. Made with 100% natural Himalayan salt, these exquisitely handmade blocks can accentuate your cooking.  Lovingly sourced from the heart of the Himalayan Mountain Range, these temperature-resistant salt blocks offer a fun way to cook and serve food while experimenting with your most cherished family recipes. Serve with hot food, cold desserts, and everything in-between – while offering guests a healthy dose of eye candy!

Himalayan Rock Salt Block naturally adds saltiness and delicate flavour to your food. Himalayan rock salt block offers impressive heat distribution and mouthwatering taste. Because of its tight crystal lattice, Himalayan Salt Block can safely withstand incredibly high temperatures – and maintain said temperatures for extended periods. These mineral-rich salt blocks have low porosity and no residual moisture. The blocks’ natural antibacterial properties make it easy to clean and store. If maintained properly can last for a long time.

Grab Saltean Himalayan Rock Salt Cooking, Grilling & Serving Blocks to experience the ultimate cooking experience. These Himalayan Cooking Blocks are perfect for cooking, searing, chilling, grilling, baking, and serving a variety of foods.

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