Himalayan Pink Salt Square Grip Jar 500 Grams


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Our high-quality Himalayan salt is available in Square Grip Jar to give a blend of delicate flavours to your regular meals. Himalayan Pink Salt is unrefined and free from additives. It is 100% natural and BRC – Kosher – Halal Certified.

Himalayan Salt’s orange-pink colour is due to its distinct mineral composition which makes it different from all other salts found on Earth. Trace minerals and nutrients present in Himalayan Rock Salt offer a range of health benefits for humans. It helps in electrolytes balance, muscle cramp prevention, pH balance, and improved digestion.

Saltean’s easy to handle Grip Jar is made of durable plastic with a functional and convenient screw-on lid. The jar is filled with Himalayan Pink Salt of different grain sizes ranging from fine, medium, and coarse. It is suitable for all edible uses such as baking, cooking, finishing, salt-curing, pickling, and salt shaker. Add it to your everyday cooking and baking dishes for enhancing the flavour. Himalayan Salt delicate texture can be enjoyed on top of soups, salads, meat, and veggies.

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