Create A Healthier Living Atmosphere Around You With Himalayan Salt Products

Who We Are

SALTEAN has been established not only to earn profit with a business set up but to share nature’s gift among mankind on a larger scale. The objective is to provide the finest quality Himalayan salt products to everyone within easy reach. In achieving the aim, all the stages involved in the production, right from the mining of the salt to the finished products available in the market are carried out under strict supervision. We always keep quality prior over quantity and this is one of the reasons behind the finest quality of our products. We hire the best skill set and blend it with state of the art production facilities to bring out supreme results.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share nature’s gift of Himalayan salt with as many people
as possible. We want people and fellow businessmen to become aware
of the myriad of benefits and potential of this miracle product and make
the most of it.

Our Mission

We aim at spreading awareness regarding the health benefits of
Himalayan salt. We want more and more people to know how beneficial it
is for human consumption and to use in daily life. We are inclined towards
convincing people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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